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Elk Sixes, and Chetco River Fishing Adventures

      The Elk River

The Elk river is located on the Southern Oregon coast near the town of Port- Orford. This smaller river is one of Oregons gems for its exceptional chinook fishery and beautiful water. The best months for the Elk river are November and December. There is a fish hatchery on the river that plants many chinook in the Elk which makes for exceptional returns. These fish average 15-20 pounds with many larger fish being taken every year. With the ocean being close, the fish are typically very fresh and are hard fighters. This river is known to clear out very rapidly after a storm and remains fishable for much of the salmon season. The Elk river also has a very good winter steelhead run.

      The Sixes River

The Sixes river is a neighbor to the Elk river and also has a strong run of chinook salmon. The salmon average 15-20 lbs with plenty of larger fish being caught every year. People often fish the Sixes river when wanting to escape the crowds of the Elk river. The majority of the fish on the Sixes are wild fish, however the occasional stray hatchery fish will find its way into the Sixes. This river is also very close to the ocean which provides a great opportunity to catch extremely fresh fish.

      Chetco River

The Chetco river starts in the Siskiyou national forest and flows over 50 miles to the Pacific, near Brookings. The Chetco river has some of the most beautiful clear blue water in the state of Oregon. The river is an excellent fishery for both fall salmon and winter steelhead. Steelhead fishing is best from mid-December through March. While fall salmon is best from November through mid-December.

Fish Species Prevalent on the Elk, Sixes, and Chetco Rivers:

  • Salmon
  • Steelhead

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