Winter Steelhead

Winter steelhead are our main focus on the Coquille and we will primarily fish the South Fork. The South Fork Coquille is located near the small town of Powers. This South Fork Coquille has an excellent winter steelhead hatchery program and the fishing can be exceptional. Generally the fishing starts around mid decemember, with the peak of the run being sometime in January. The fish average 8 lbs, however I have seen plenty go over 14lbs.


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Coquille River Fishing


There are four major tributaries of the Coquille: The North, South, Middle, and East. Most of the Coquille river systems are located in Coos County with portions of the rivers going into both Douglas and Curry County. The river flows into the Pacific near the town of Bandon. The Coquille River system houses many different species including Steelhead, Chinook, and Coho.

     When To Plan Your Coquille River Fishing Adventure

Since Winter Steelhead are the main fish species on the Coquille river, its best to schedule a trip during the winter months. If you are not sure about whether the time of year you are planning will be ideal, call Oregon Fishing Guides to speak with one of our knowledgeable guides about planning. We have clients who have planned around birthdays, anniversaries, or just a special vacation from the busy city life.

     Why We Have The Best Oregon River Guides

Oregon River fishing Guides know every centimeter of the Coquille River and are happy to explore the best areas for fishing with our guests and anglers. We know all the best lures and techniques for catching the big prize fish you are looking for.

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